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comBOX Solution

A professional connectivity solution for high-speed, reliable, flexible Internet Access

  • Help businesses effectively  and economically increase  WAN throughput
  • Enable businesses to minimize WAN  downtime and ensuring the performance and the availability of their mission critical applications
  • Virtualize networks to make  business’ WANs flexible and  easily managed
  • Help businesses of any size reduce  WAN costs while maintaining similar,  or even better WAN performance



VLL Technology

Bandwidth aggregation and efficient WAN optimization can be achieved using a comBOX network appliance connected to a regional comBOX network server through an active comBOX Virtual Leased Line service subscription.

The comBOX network server is a fully-managed cloud server within our global private cloud infrastructure. For each new comBOX deployment, we provision a new dedicated virtual server located in the nearest data center to the Customer premises. The network server or bandwidth aggregation server is essentially the other end of the circuit, where multiple WAN connections are transformed into a single one.

Why comBOX VLL Technology?
The comBOX VLL technology enables the deployment of cost effective, flexible, easily managed, high performing professional WANs. Through the intelligent traffic distribution to multiple WAN paths, comBOX services perform real bandwidth aggregation, allowing the maximum utilization of the available telecom resources.








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