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Unified Digital Performance and Security Solution

Flowmon creates a secure and transparent digital environment where people rule the network regardless of its complexity and nature. It enables mid-size businesses to benefit from NPMD and NDR technologies. 




Flowmon Monitoring Center

The Monitoring Center (FMC) is the beating heart of the Flowmon solution; a professional tool for effective network troubleshooting, performance monitoring and capacity planning. Instead of just the red/green infrastructure status, it helps users to understand user experience while keeping the amount of data noise and analytical work to a minimum.



Flowmon ADS

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS) is a security solution that uses machine learning to detect anomalies hidden in the network traffic. It complements conventional security tools and creates a multi-layered protection system capable of uncovering threats at every stage of compromise.



Flowmon APM

Flowmon Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a system for measuring user experience and the performance of business-critical applications. It speeds up troubleshooting and provides solid data on usage, capacity, error rate and SLA, thereby helping to avoid customer churn and create conditions for employees to work productively.



Flowmon DDoS Defender

Flowmon DDoS Defender provides AI-based detection and automated incident response based on predefined scenarios to save effort and time. It uses flow data and a combination of infrastructure and/or third-party mitigation to equip ISPs with DDoS protection that scales easily and maximizes prior infrastructure investments.



Flowmon Packet Investigator

Flowmon Packet Investigator (FPI) is an automated network traffic auditing tool that records and interprets full packet data. Combining automatic PCAP investigation and built-in expert knowledge, it provides administrators with not only an understanding of emergent issues but also with suggestions for a remedy, saving hours or even days of manual work.



Flowmon Probe

Flowmon Probe is the most powerful flow data exporter on the market. Where data exported from active network devices is not sufficient for user experience monitoring, network troubleshooting and threat detection, the Probe generates data down to application level and measures performance.



Flowmon Collector
Flowmon Collector is a network monitoring appliance that captures, stores and processes flow data, including normalization, visualization and analysis. The network and application telemetry is displayed on a highly customizable dashboard, turning the network into a transparent environment by providing statistics, visualization and drill-down options for effective troubleshooting and capacity planning.







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